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Panels Ply Flex Wallpaper

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LL01 Oak Quarter
LL04 Oak Quarter

These two reconstituted oak veneers give you real oak, without the natural dye variations of regular veneer. Both types are FSC-certified.


LL33 Ebony Quarter
LL37 Ebony Quarter
LL26 Zebrano
LL35 Teak Quarter
LL36 Teak Crown
LL08 Wengé Quarter
LL12 Wengé Quarter
LL41 Rosewood Santos

With these exotics you can now integrate the irresistible look and feel of tropical wood types in a sustainable manner in any interior. All these wood species are FSC-certified.


LL15 Birch Plywood
LL51 Sweet Lime
LL52 Salty Lime
LL53 Pepper Lime
LL54 Dark Lime

Feel like something special? We explored the creative limits of reconstituted veneer with our Art collection. These are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in every interior.

The 15 most attractive designs selected for you

Decospan has developed a sustainable collection, together with ALPI, the market leader in the production of reconstituted veneer. The collection has been developed through an intensive cooperation of both design and R&D teams. The collection contains a few classics, an FSC certified alternative of exotic wood species and some art references. Furthermore, Decospan has all these references in stock so a quick delivery can be guaranteed.