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A responsable alternative for tropical wood species

The traceability of tropical wood species is not always possible. For this reason, we have developed a responsable alternative for these wood species in our Look'likes collection. You can now choose this new solution for exotic wood species such as Santos Palissander, Ebony Maccasar and Teak. The reconstituted wood species in the Look'likes collection all have the FSC® label (WB-COC-000970).

A healthy work and living environment

The glues we use for the production and processing of reconstituted veneer do not contain any urea-formaldehyde. In addition, they only contain a minimum of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This is truly revolutionary and ensures a healthy work and living environment.

Entirely CO2-neutral

Some 30% of the energy used for the production of Look'likes is generated by our own solar panels. The remaining energy is purchased from 'green' suppliers. We use our wood waste to bring our machines up to the correct operating temperature and to heat our buildings. We let daylight into our buildings to avoid unnecessary lighting. It is our ambition to achieve full CO2-neutral production.