United Kingdom
Panels Ply Flex Wallpaper

Look’likes flex is a reconstituted veneer that's easy to process. These flexible sheets of wood veneer are ready for use immediately. This multi-purpose product is particularly well-suited for renovations. You can produce a complete make-over, instantly. Look'likes flex can be glued easily on any support.

Top LAYER: Reconstituted veneer, 15 different DESIGNS

The total thickness of Look'likes flex is between 0.4 and 0.6 mm

Paper base in the colour of the chosen wood species

The glue contains no formaldehyde

Flexibility is the major benefit of this product

  • Look'likes flex can be glued to any sub-surface easily and quickly.
  • Look’likes flex can be delivered within 72 hours across Europe, per unit with the dimensions 3050 x 1240 mm.
  • Look’likes flex can also be used to quickly finish the edges of any kind of board.

When gluing the product, we recommend strongly that you follow our instructions carefully. These can be found in all our packaging or on our website. Look’likes flex is always packed in the packaging displayed below. Only this packaging guarantees that Decospan quality is inside !

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