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Panels Ply Flex Wallpaper

The right look on the right support... these Look'likes panels give you fascinating new opportunities: exquisite structures in real wood on strong boards which are easy to process. A pleasure for every designer, installer and customer.

TOP LAYER: Reconstituted veneer, 15 different DESIGNS, standard length is 3050 mm

Board: Choose from chipboard, MDF boards, blockboards or plywood boards in different thicknesses and dimensions.

Edge banding: for seamless edge finishing, you can choose from our range of edge bandings. We have veneer strips in 24x0,6 mm in various colours.

BACKING: We recommend that you provide a backing on your veneer boards. This increases the stability of the boards.

Decospan can help you choose the right backing. Here's an overview of the options:

  • The same reconstituted veneer as the top layer.
  • Red: okoumé rotary veneer.
  • Blind: can be any wood species as chosen by Decospan. No defaults are allowed and the veneer is only meant to stabilise the board.
  • Paper: paper can be selected as backing for some applications. This may cause warping for which Decospan cannot be held responsible.

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