United Kingdom
Panels Ply Flex Wallpaper

Look’likes ply offers endless design options. This flexible veneer sheet consists of two or three layers of wood veneer. With Look’likes ply you have endless creative options for cosy interiors with unique wood structures. The veneer is extra thick so grooves are possible in the top layer. This extra structure highlights the natural expression of real wood even more.

Top LAYER: Reconstituted veneer, 15 different DESIGNS


Two sheets of veneer are glued on top of each other for this product. A veneer of the same wood species but of lower quality is usually chosen as backing veneer.

This 2-PLY can be lightly sandblasted or brushed.


If only used for grooves, it is recommended to choose the Long-Cross-Long option. The tensile forces in such a sheet are more evenly distributed which increases the stability of the product.

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